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Greenford UB6 London

Terms Of Usage

It is vitally important that you fill this proposal form in accurately as decisions based on incorrect information cannot be overturned.

If accepted, your funding will remain valid for 7 days. After this, you may be asked to apply again - there is no guarantee funding will be offered should you be asked to reapply.

We use three funders and, whilst we try to match you with a funder prior to a credit check, there may be several credit checks needed.

Subject To A Lease Agreement

Prices are plus VAT.

Every effort is made on an almost hourly basis to ensure all prices, car models, terms and availability are accurate, however we apologise in advance should there be changes.

On occasion prices and terms may vary slightly, however every effort is made to ensure the below prices are accurate.

On all vehicles a £499.00 fee applies (payable only when accepted) the fee is a one off fee, at the end of your term your are NOT required to pay this fee again.

All vehicles are brand new.

All fees are non refundable.

All prices stated are plus VAT.

3 Month terms = 3 Month terms followed by rolling 30 day agreement, there is no end date.

Note: We are only able to accept proposals from applications who have a FULL UK Drivers Licence.

Images used are for illustration purposes only.